Entry #1

What the f*** is this?

2013-08-23 10:42:07 by Nocturnidades

Hi everyone!

I'm Nocturnidades and I don't know what I'm doing here?

Hope you like the stuff I uploaded since I'm sure I'd love all your art!

See ya!


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2013-08-23 10:58:31

you're welcome


2013-08-23 11:30:21

What are you doing here? Easy.

You want attention brought to your art.

Nocturnidades responds:

You got me ;)


2013-08-23 15:45:57

Hey cool...! Welcome to NG! :)

You've got some really sweet artwork - I'll feature it for you on the Art Portal twitter page to send a few more views your way!

Nocturnidades responds:

Really? Oh, thank you. You guys seems like a real good people :)


2013-08-23 20:38:45

welcome to newgrounds , where men are men , women are men , and little girls are FBI agents , have fun

Nocturnidades responds:

Hahahaha thank you!